For Libraries

Libraries have led the charge to open up access to the scholarly literature. It's time to turn that leadership into leverage to reduce costs, to save staff time, to improve library services, and to open up even more content.

The Open Access Button has built a suite of tools that provide the link necessary to translate gains toward Open Access into benefits for both budgets and patrons.

Deliver Access


OA in ILL for Illiad, Clio, Alma & Email. Wipe 5% off your ILL budget and delivery times, and discover a new way to advocate for Open Access, today. No complex installation, no training required.


Help your patrons find OA resources from your ILL forms, Libguides and E-resources pages. Easily find Open Access articles from your Interlibrary Loan pages or Libguides. No coding required. Power up your Open Access Libguide with a search bar showing patrons how to find alternatives to paywalled papers. Help your patrons discover E-Resources from thousands of credible sources, without leaving your website, learning how to use new ones, and being asked to pay.


Find 1000's of of Open Access articles all at once without wasting an afternoon or sneaking into CS classes. Give us a list of articles as a spreadsheet, and we'll tell you which ones are Open Access.

Harnessing OA on your Campus

An overview of the many ways you and your patrons can utilize Open Access content. Here we highlight key information about free, open-source, nonprofit, and community - centric options for you and your campus.

OA in ILL Handbook

Handbook for ILL practioners on Open Access In this handbook, written in collaboration with Tina Baich, Head of Resource Sharing & Delivery Services and Bibliographic & Metadata Service at IUPUI University Library and ex-Chair of ALA RUSA STARS, we hope to provide explainers on Open Access and resources for practioners.


Simple guides to integrating Open Access content into your library search & link resolver.

NEW: Open Access Button For your Patrons

Hundreds of libraries recommend the Open Access Button as a great way for their patrons, on campus and off, enrolled or alumni, to get free, fast, and legal access to research. Want to do the same?

Fill your Repository

NEW: Automated Permissions Checker

Our new tools and open data make permission checking faster, easier, and clearer so you can unlock the power of mediated deposit and manage your repository more easily. Do permission checking with 100s of articles or journals in seconds, and for each one get embargos, completed deposit statements, metadata, open access availability, and more. Check over 20,000 policies from journals, universities, and more, and instantly contribute your expertise to the community.

Self-Archiving Email Templates

Tried and tested templates to get authors educated and enthusiastic about self-archiving. Authors not responding to your emails to self-archive in your institutional repository, or just getting started? Our tried and tested templates are here to help get authors enthusiastic and educated about self-archiving. There's one template for every situation, and each template is ready to use, backed up with performance data, and designed by experimentation and experience.

Article Version Explainer

Helping authors deposit the right content. An explainer for authors trying to share the correct version of their article with author friendly language, worked examples, and tips on tracking down versions.


How to's Helping Author's Find AAMs. Simple jargon free, step-by-step guides for authors to self-archive quickly, and correctly.

Coming Soon


Sharing should be simple. With, we'll make sure that deposit into any repository is just that. For libraries, helps you fill your repository by offering the simplest possible deposit workflow for authors, saves you time, and requires no migrations or upgrades to your current repository.


Coming soon: Form filled, document delivered instantilly. We've heard from patrons and librarians that they want ILL to be faster, friendlier, cheaper and to advance Open Access. In response, we're planning a next generation ILL form, codenamed InstantILL.


Coming soon: Get Papers Delightfully Fast. We're dreaming big and working hard to build a next generation tool for libraries, codenamed GetPDF, to provide world class access to their patrons anyplace, anytime, in a click.

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