InstantILL: Form filled, document delivered InstantILLy

We’ve heard from patrons and librarians that they want ILL to be faster, friendlier, cheaper and to advance Open Access. In response, we’re planning a next generation ILL form, codenamed InstantILL, that can:

  • Instantly fill forms, cutting your fields down to just one
  • Instantly deliver content from subscriptions and with Open Access
  • Instantly submit requests, with correct metadata, to your existing ILL system
  • Instantly lighten the load on staff by pre-checking requests against your subscriptions and for Open Access availability
  • Instantly start testing and delivering content without lengthy set-up processes
  • Instantly power a fairer, more open publishing system and cheaper ILL system by working with authors to share their research for free

Expect many of InstantILL's features to be provided as free, Open Source, hosted software provided by a library-aligned non-profit. To sustain the work we'll build additional layers of optional paid for features.

We need support from libraries to advance this effort, in big and small ways, through helping us build and fund this effort, or sharing your ideas, requirements, and if you'd use it. As we co-design this infrastructure with libraries, learning and building as we go, details may change and initial versions not deliver on all of the above.

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